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  • [Product Knowledge] Brief Introduction Of Marine Tunnel Thruster Propeller For Naval Ship (1)
    Normal Marine Tunnel Thruster Propeller: simple structure, under the low efficiency of average or higher. General propeller propulsion energy loss: Measures for decreasing the energy loss:
  • [Marine News] USA Introduces PORTS Act Aimed at Tackling Port Disruptions
    Legislation that would amend the United States Taft-Hartley Act to allow governors to intervene in port labor disputes rather than being required to ask the White House to do so was introduced in Cong
  • [Deyuan Marine News] Our Website Is Under Construction,If Any Inquiry,Pls Contact Us.
    Our website is under construction,if any inquiry,pls contact us.
  • 2016-03-02
  • [Marine News] China's Shipbuilding Industry Climate Index: First With Synchronous Index Decline Narrowed
    In June 2016, the China shipbuilding industry leading index is 94.6, fell 0.1 points, the year of 98.6 down 4.0 points.Leading indicators mainly by shipping rates, the price of new ships, and meet new orders index such as comprehensive effect.Specific see, the oil market downside, liner market continues to fall, carat eriksson comprehensive freight index fell by 3.8%;At the same time, with three main ship type and gas carrier.the main form new shipbuilding failed to respond to market demand, new production of ship prices further down this month, fell by 2.5% month-on-month.On the other hand, influenced by regional container ship orders release, Chinese shipyards in June new orders rose 90%, making the whole of China shipbuilding industry boom leading index declined. China shipbuilding industry boom synchronous index is 97.0, fell 0.2 points, the year of 99.0 down 2.0 points.Synchronous index mainly by shipbuilding completions, shipbuilding enterprises operating revenue and profit index
  • [Product Knowledge] About The Marine Bow Thruster
    Its main advantages in: 1: : host starts the impact on the host is very small, because it can be compared to the zero load startup (mainly through the control of the blade Angle) 2: for the vessel navigation is also very economy it can be done through the joint control of the host (the connection and host governor) 3: greatly enhance the flexibility of ship operation, such as a ship at the dock or oil platform, can be done by the control of blade Angle of the ship dynamic (because it can be done by changing the change direction of the blade into the car and the back of the ship, so can free diesel engine gear box, greatly reduced the labor) engineer. 4: can amuse with shaft generator (it is high to the requirement of Marine electric ship option).
  • [Marine News] Sucessufully Lauching a 3800DWT Stainless Steel Chemical Ship
    It is understood that the vessels in January 11, 2015, took office on July 1, 2015, January 6, 2016, launched on schedule.The way water hydraulic car and semi-submersible barge launching platform.The ship belongs to a single single oar, double shell chemical tanker, its area is world-wide, can loading of oil products and chemicals category, class ii and class iii.
  • [Marine News] The LME To Buy Baltic Exchange (BE)
    Hkex, according to foreign media, the London metal exchange (LME), interested in shipping industry.The LME has been sent to the Baltic exchange's main sea (BE) to make informal contact, if agreed, will help the LME to expand business scope, not only in metal.
  • [Marine News] India Approves Accession to Bunker, Wreck Removal, Salvage Conventions
    India's Union Cabinet has approved the proposal for the country's accession to the International Convention on Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage, 2001 (Bunker Convention) of the Internat
  • [Marine News] China Looking at Establishing Nationwide ECA
    Forget the Baltic Sea. Forget even the US's emissions control area (ECA). Plans are at an early stage for what could be the world's most serious ECA. With the environment near the top of Beijing's age

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