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China's Shipbuilding Industry Climate Index: First With Synchronous Index Decline Narrowed

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China's Shipbuilding Industry Climate Index: First With Synchronous Index Decline Narrowed

In June 2016, the China shipbuilding industry leading index is 94.6, fell 0.1 points, the year of 98.6 down 4.0 points.Leading indicators mainly by shipping rates, the price of new ships, and meet new orders index such as comprehensive effect.Specific see, the oil market downside, liner market continues to fall, carat eriksson comprehensive freight index fell by 3.8%;At the same time, with three main ship type and gas carrier.the main form new shipbuilding failed to respond to market demand, new production of ship prices further down this month, fell by 2.5% month-on-month.On the other hand, influenced by regional container ship orders release, Chinese shipyards in June new orders rose 90%, making the whole of China shipbuilding industry boom leading index declined. China shipbuilding industry boom synchronous index is 97.0, fell 0.2 points, the year of 99.0 down 2.0 points.Synchronous index mainly by shipbuilding completions, shipbuilding enterprises operating revenue and profit index.Specific look, by the low price and start ship shortage factors, such as during the first half of June China shipyard total revenues and profits continue to fall, cause synchronous index falling.But on the other hand, a small increase in June, China shipbuilding completions, and boost exports rebound, synchronous index of sentiment among China's shipbuilding industry overall decline is narrow.

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