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About The Marine Bow Thruster

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About The Marine Bow Thruster

Marine Thrusters is divided into main, thrust and rudder propeller, etc.
These main Bow Thruster and variable pitch and fixed pitch.Controllable pitch of general is widely used in the ship flexibility requirements higher, such as offshore oil platform service tug, and escort vessel, etc.
Its main advantages in:
1: : host starts the impact on the host is very small, because it can be compared to the zero load startup (mainly through the control of the blade Angle)
2: for the vessel navigation is also very economy it can be done through the joint control of the host (the connection and host governor)
3: greatly enhance the flexibility of ship operation, such as a ship at the dock or oil platform, can be done by the control of blade Angle of the ship dynamic (because it can be done by changing the change direction of the blade into the car and the back of the ship, so can free diesel engine gear box, greatly reduced the labor) engineer.
4: can amuse with shaft generator (it is high to the requirement of Marine electric ship option).
Its drawbacks
1: complicated structure, difficult maintenance.
2: hard for high horsepower ship (generally for 20000 tons the following ship)
3: operation requirements for personnel also is quite high.
4: the high cost.For a fixed blade propeller is mainly used for larger ships to horsepower requirement, and the operation is simple but for gearbox and clutch demand is higher and the ship of the flexibility of the request is not high.
Thrust its full name is tunnel thrusters, mainly installed on the ship's bow and stern, English named tunnel thruster.It is two kinds of the fixed pitch propeller and variable pitch propeller, variable pitch propeller mainly by hydraulic system to implement variable pitch to change power, fixed blade mainly by frequency converter to change the speed of the motor to change power.Now run the international routes ships are generally required in bow thruster installation, convenient security mainly to a canal.But it use most occasions on the tug, such as running oil platform, life saving, etc.I would like to introduce below the thrust in the application of ship running oil platform: when the main propulsion ship near the oil platform is generally no thrust or only a little bit of thrust, this time the main thrust to realize the lateral movement of the ship to slowly close to the platform, general like this kind of ship is equipped with 2 or more powerful thrust to implement the lateral movement of the ship, in most cases the platform is not allowed to ship mooring line on which the reason for lateral thrust requirements are very high.
Rudder propeller as the name suggests is the rudder and propeller propeller, it is mainly used for smaller ships to power requirement, the rudder can rotate 360 degrees, it can achieve the back of the boat and into the car, translation.General installation the rudder propeller ship are installed at least two.The most used is the ferry ship, the rudder propeller on the ferry installation are generally installed diagonal.

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