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  • [Product Knowledge] Brief Introduction Of Marine Tunnel Thruster Propeller For Naval Ship (1)

    Normal Marine Tunnel Thruster Propeller: simple structure, under the low efficiency of average or higher. General propeller propulsion energy loss: Measures for decreasing the energy loss:

  • [Product Knowledge] About The Marine Bow Thruster

    Its main advantages in: 1: : host starts the impact on the host is very small, because it can be compared to the zero load startup (mainly through the control of the blade Angle) 2: for the vessel navigation is also very economy it can be done through the joint control of the host (the connection and host governor) 3: greatly enhance the flexibility of ship operation, such as a ship at the dock or oil platform, can be done by the control of blade Angle of the ship dynamic (because it can be done by changing the change direction of the blade into the car and the back of the ship, so can free diesel engine gear box, greatly reduced the labor) engineer. 4: can amuse with shaft generator (it is high to the requirement of Marine electric ship option).


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