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Shark Jaw / Towing Pin 
Shark Jaw/Towing Pin                                                                                                                                                                                            Inquiry
Deyuan Marine builds a full range of shark Jaws for anchor handling tug supply vessels. Standard ratings Are 100,200,300,400,500 and 700 Metric Tons and all units perform quick release at the rated Load.Can offer Fork type shark jaw and Triplex type shark jaw with towing pin.
When the jaws are retracted they are flush with the deck in their own watertight frame with drain fittings.
*capacity:100 to 700 tonnes SWL
*Electro-hydraulic(variable, fixed, multi speed, hazardous environments)
*-Inline vertical type Towing Pin 
*Angular close top type Towing Pin 
*Combine Modular type towing Pin& shark Jaw 
Shark Jaw Model Towing Pin Model Bollard Pull (ton) Holding Capacity (ton) Power Reqired (kw)
SJ-100 TP-100 40 100 15
SJ-200 TP-200 60 200 22
SJ-300 TP-300 85 300 22
SJ-400 TP-400 120 400 30
SJ-500 TP-500 150 500 30
SJ-700 TP-700 200 700 37
Beside the above size/specification,other size/dimension also available,pls contact us for more details.
​You are here: Home >> Products >> Marine Deck Equipment >>Shark Jaw/Towing Pin 

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