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Oil Absorbents and Chemical Absorbents

Absorbents Spill Kits
Oil Absorbents 
(White color )
Chemical Absorbents 
(yellow color)
Universal Absorbents
(Grey color)
Oil Kits Chemical Kits Universal  Kits
Oil absorbent roll  Chemical absorbent roll absorbent roll 30L 30L 30L
Oil absorbent pad Chemical absorbent pad absorbent pad 50L 50L 50L
Oil absorbent boom Chemical absorbent boom absorbent boom 80L 80L 80L
Oil absorbent mat Chemical absorbent mat absorbent mat 120L 120L 120L
Oil absorbent pillow Chemical absorbent pillow absorbent pillow 240L 240L 240L
Oil Only Absorbent Roll

1:Oil Absorbents Series

A).Oil Only Absorbent Roll                                                                        Inquiry
*Oil absorption, not bibulous.
*Not bad, not decompose; after oil absorption water.
*Absorbs the liquid can squeeze repeated use.
*Can burn or mix with fuel.
Used for oil spill emergency treatment in maritime industry and aviation.Also for oil leakage of oil tank,car etc.
Item Size Absorbency Keywords Packing 
OAR501 40cm*50cm*3mm >146L/B single weight 2R/B
OAR501T 80cm*50mm*3mm >146L/B single weight 1R/B
OAR502 40cm*50cm*4mm >184L/B medium weight  2R/B
OAR502T 80cm*50mm*4mm >184L/B medium weight  1R/B
OAR503 40cm*50cm*5mm >220L/B medium weight  2R/B
OAR503T 80cm*50mm*5mm >220L/B medium weight  1R/B
OAR504 40cm*50cm*7mm >260L/B heavy weight 2R/B
OAR504T 80cm*50mm*7mm >260L/B heavy weight 1R/B
OAR505 40cm*50cm*8mm >290L/B heavy weight 2R/B
OAR505T 80cm*50mm*8mm >290L/B heavy weight 1R/B
Oil Absorbent Pad
B)Oil Absorbent Pad                                                                    Inquiry
*Absorb oil only
*Can be wrung out and reused
*Perforated to save money
*Lint-free spun-bond fabric
*Fast and effective absorb
*Adsorbent pads and sheets are made from Meltblown polypropylene fine fibres
Item Size Absorbency Keywords Packing 
OAP201 40cm*50cm*3mm 150L/B single weight  200PCS/B
OAP202 40cm*50cm*4mm 140L/B medium weight   150PCS/B  
OAP203 40cm*50cm*5mm 165L/B medium weight   150PCS/B  
OAP204 40cm*50cm*7mm 130L/B heavy weight  100PCS/B
OAP205 40cm*50cm*8mm 130L/B double weight 100PCS/B
Oil Absorbent Socks
C) Oil Absorbent Socks;Oil Absorbent Boom                           Inquiry
Our oil absorbent boom is made by 100%polypropylene,with loop or clamp.
All possible liquid leakage or oil and chemical storage and distribution of the place, including CangKuOu, machine and equipment and tank and around the pipeline near, train and trucks underneath, valve, below the table near, airplane, etc.
Maritime oil spill emergency relief, ports, coast defense, shipping, fire department.
Item Size Packing Absorbency
OAB801 φ7.6cm*1.2m 20pcs/bag 165L/B
OAB802 Φ7.6cm*3m 8pcs/bag 150L/B
OAB803 φ12.7cm*3m 4pcs/bag 125L/B
OAB804 φ12.7cm*3m 2pcs/bag 125L/B
OAB805 φ20cm*3m 4pcs/bag 285L/B
OAB806 φ20cm*3m 2pcs/bag 305L/B
Customized service available
Oil Absorbent Mat
D) Oil Absorbent Mat                                                                      Inquiry
Oil Absorbent mat is made of non-woven polypropylene.PP-1 is suitable for light oil and PP-2 is suitable for the oil with high viscosity.Oil Absorbent mat is an ideal anti-pollution material for marine oil spill.
Oil Types PP-1 oil absorption felt  PP-2 oil absorption felt
Multiple Time of penetration Multiple Time of penetration
2#spindle oil  17 2" 9.7 <1"
Light diesel oil  16.4 3" 9.5 <1"
7# Machine oil  16.8 10.2" 10 <1"
20# Machine oil  18 50.3" 11.1 5"
11# Diesel engine oil  11.51 does not suck enough 12.1 51.3"
Oil Absorbent Pillow
​​E)Oil Absorbent Pillow                                                                        Inquiry
Oil absorbent Pillows meet a variety of cleanup and safety needs.Spill oil pillows are useful for absorbing oil in confined areas such as pumps,fluid reservoirs,and tanks. Available in three size to suit customers' requirements.These pillows are excellent for absorbing spills and leaking fluids in tight spaces. 
Dimensions(Metric):45.8cm x45.8cm
Units per pallet:16
Yellow Chemical Absorbent Roll

2:Chemical Absorbents Series

​​A).Yellow Chemical Absorbent Roll                                                         Inquiry
*Material:100% polypropylene
*For aggressive fluids
*Bright caution color
*Soak up spills of acids bases or unknow liquids
Item Size Absorbency Keywords Packing 
CAR601 80cm*50m*3mm >146L/B Single weight 1R/B
CAR602 80cm*50m*4mm >184L/B Medium weight  1R/B
CAR603 80cm*50m*5mm >220L/B Medium weight  1R/B
CAR604 80cm*50m*7mm >260L/B Heavy weight  1R/B
CAR605 80cm*50m*8mm >290L/B Heavy weight  1R/B
Yellow Chemical Absorbent Pad
​​B.) Yellow Chemical Absorbent Pad                                                        Inquiry
Use one hazardous or unknow liquid spills.Absorb all liquids including water,as well as aggressive fluids such as caustic soda,hydrochloric acid,sulphuric acid,sodium hydroxide and nitric acid.
Item Size Absorbency Keywords Packing 
CAP301 40cm*50cm*3mm 150L/B single weight 200PCS/B
CAP302 40cm*50cm*4mm 140L/B medium weight 150PCS/B
CAP303 40cm*50cm*5mm 165L/B medium weight 150PCS/B
CAP303 40cm*50cm*7mm 130L/B heavy weight 100PCS/B
CAP305 40cm*50cm*8mm 150L/B heavy weight 100PCS/B
Chemical Hazmat Absorbent Boom
​C)Chemical Hazmat Absorbent Boom                                                     Inquiry
*constructed with a strong outer mesh filled with polypropylene.
*A nylon rope and steel hardware ensure durability and effortless retrieval.
*yellow color for quick identification in emergency
*stauible for acid,water based and hydrocarbon fluids.
*use to control large volume spills,absorb fluids,oil,diesel,gas,hydraulic fluids,vegetable oil etc.
Item Size Absorbency Unit Packing 
CAB901 Ø7.6cm*120cm 165L/B Bag 20PCS/B
CAB902 Ø10cm*300cm 150L/B Bag 8PCS/B
CAB903   Ø12.7cm*300cm 125L/B Bag 4PCS/B
CAB904 Ø12.7cm*600cm 125L/B Bag 2PCS/B
CAB905 Ø20cm*300cm 305L/B Bag 4PCS/B
CAB906 Ø20cm*600cm 305L/B Bag 2PCS/B
Gray Universal Absorbent Roll

3:Universal Absorbents Series

​​A.)Gray Universal Absorbent Roll                                                            Inquiry
*Made of one layer of lint-free spun-bond fabric
*Quickly soak up liquids.
*can be wrung out and reused.
*Absorbs all water based fluids,oil,diesel,gas,trichloroethylene etc
Item Size Absorbency Absorbency Absorbency
UAR401 40cm*50cm*2.5mm    >180L/B  single weight 1R/B
UAR402 40cm*50cm*2.5mm    >216L/B medium weight  1R/B
UAR403 40cm*50cm*3.5mm >252L/B medium weight  1R/B
UAR404 40cm*50cm*3.5mm >288L/B  medium weight  1R/B
Gray Universal Absorbent Pad
​​B)Gray Universal Absorbent Pad                                                              Inquiry
*High performance melt down polypropylene
*with Lint-free spun-bond fabirc
*can absorb a wide range of liquid including hydrocarbons and common chemicals. 
Item Size Absorbency Keywords Packing 
UAP101 40cm*50cm*2mm 128L/B Heavy weight 200PCS/B
UAP102 40cm*50cm*2.5mm 80L/B single weight  100PCS/B
UAP103 40cm*50cm*3mm 96L/B medium weight 100PCS/B
UAP104 40cm*50cm*3.5mm 112L/B medium weight 100PCS/B
UAP105 40cm*50cm*4mm 128L/B heavy weight  100PCS/B
Oil Only Spill Kit

4: Absorbents Spill Kits Series

A.)Oil Only Spill Kit                                                                                    Inquiry
30L Oil only  spill kit 30L PVC Bag  1          
Oil absorbent sheet  (40cm*50cm) 20
Oil absorbent sock (D)7.6cm*(L)122cm 1
Nitrile Gloves 1
Disposal Bags 3
50L Oil only spill kit 50L PVC Bag  1
Oil absorbent sheet (40cm*50cm) 30
Oil absorbent sock (D)7.6cm*(L)122cm 2
Oil absorbent pillow (35cm*50cm) 2
Nitrile Gloves 1
Disposal Bags 3
80L Oil only spill kits 80L PVC bag 1
Oil absorbent sheet (40cm*50cm) 40
Oil absorbent sock (D)7.6cm*(L)122cm 4
Oil absorbent pillow (35cm*50cm) 2
Nitrile Gloves 1
Disposal Bags 3
120L Oil only spill kits 120L Wheelie Bin 1
Oil absorbent sheet (40cm*50cm) 40
Oil absorbent boom (D)12.7cm*(L)300cm 2
Oil absorbent sock (D)7.6cm*(L)122cm 2
Oil absorbent pillow (35cm*50cm) 1
Nitrile Gloves 2
Disposal Bags 7
240L Oil only spill kits 240L Wheelie Bin 1
Oil absorbent sheet (40cm*50cm) 80
Oil absorbent sock (D)7.6cm*(L)122cm 6
Oil absorbent boom (D)12.7cm*(L)300cm 3
Oil absorbent pillow (35cm*50cm) 6
Nitrile Gloves  4
Disposal Bags 8
Chemical Spill Kits 
​B) Chemical Spill Kits                                                                                Inquiry
Haz-chem Spill Kit 30L  30L PVC Bag  1            
Haz-chem absorbent sheet (40cm*50cm) 20
Haz-chem absorbent sock (D)7.6cm*(L)122cm 1
Nitrile Gloves 1
Disposal Bags 3
Haz-chem  Spill Kit 50L 50L PVC Bag  1
Haz-chem absorbent sheet(40cm*50cm) 30
Haz-chem absorbent sock (D)7.6cm*(L)122cm 2
Haz-chem absorbent pillow(35cm*50cm) 2
Nitrile Gloves 1
Disposal Bags 3
Haz-chem  Spill Kit 80L 80L PVC bag 1
Haz-chem absorbent sheet(40cm*50cm) 40
Haz-chem absorbent sock (D)7.6cm*(L)122cm 4
Haz-chem absorbent pillow (35cm*50cm) 2
Nitrile Gloves 1
Disposal Bags 3
Haz-chem  Spill Kit 120L 120L Wheelie Bin 1
Haz-chem absorbent sheet (40cm*50cm) 40
Haz-chem absorbent sock (D)7.6cm*(L)122cm 2
Haz-chem absorbent pillow (35cm*50cm)
Nitrile Gloves 2
Haz-chem absorbent boom (D)12.7cm*(L)300cm 2
Disposal Bags 7
Haz-chem  Spill Kit 240L 240L Wheelie Bin 1    
Haz-chem absorbent sheet(40cm*50cm) 80
Haz-chem absorbent sock(D)7.6cm*(L)122cm 6
Haz-chem absorbent boom(D)12.7cm*(L)300cm 3
Haz-chem absorbent pillow (35cm*50cm) 6
Nitrile Gloves 4
Disposal Bags 8
Universal Spill Kits
​C) Universal Spill Kits                                                                                Inquiry
30L Universal Spill Kits 30L PVC Bag  1
Universal absorbent sheet (40cm*50cm) 20       
Universal  absorbent sock (D)7.6cm*(L)122cm 1
Nitrile Gloves 4
Disposal Bags 8
50L Universal Spill Kits 50L PVC Bag  1
Universal  absorbent sheet (40cm*50cm) 30         
Universal  absorbent sock  (D)7.6cm*(L)122cm 2
Universal  absorbent pillow (35cm*50cm) 2
Nitrile Gloves 1
Disposal Bags 3
80L Universal Spill Kits 80L PVC bag 1
Universal  absorbent sheet (40cm*50cm) 40
Universal  absorbent sock (D)7.6cm*(L)122cm 4
Universal  absorbent pillow (35cm*50cm) 2
Nitrile Gloves 1
Disposal Bags 3
120L Universal Spill Kits 120L Wheelie Bin 1
Universal absorbent sheet (40cm*50cm) 40
Universal  absorbent sock (D)7.6cm*(L)122cm 2
Universal absorbent boom (D)12.7cm*(L)300cm 1
Universal  absorbent pillow (35cm*50cm) 2
Nitrile Gloves 2
Disposal Bags 7
240L Universal Spill Kits 240L Wheelie Bin 1
Universal absorbent sheet (40cm*50cm) 80
Universal  absorbent sock (D)7.6cm*(L)122cm 6
Universal absorbent boom (D)12.7cm*(L)300cm 3
Universal  absorbent pillow (35cm*50cm) 6
Nitrile Gloves 4
Disposal Bags 8
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