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Marine Pressure Water Tank

Pressure Water Tank Type Model Difference Certificate
01.Common type YLG series W/O water pump; CCS certificate
W/O control panel
02.Combination type   ZYG series With two water pump
With control panel
YLG Series Pressure Water Tank
1) YLG Common Type Pressure Water Tank Technical Details             Inquiry 
The pressure water tank can be used to provide fresh water for living and cleaning of ship and Drilling platforms.Water tank types:common type &combination type
Principle Description:
This device uses pressured water by pump produced by shipyard,to compress the air inside of tank,in order to maintain the water in cabinet body under a suitable air pressure.So as to provide fresh water to the crews.
Main technical requirements:
Type YLG Series
Volume 0.12-3.0m3
Working pressure 0.6MPa
Design pressure 0.7MPa
Strength test pressure 1.05MPa
Air tightness test pressure 0.875MPa
Open pressure of safety valve 0.63MPa
Working temperature 0~45℃
Design temperature 50℃
ZYG Series Pressure Water Tank
2) ZYG Series Combination Pressure Water Tank                                  Inquiry 
This series of pressure water tank is suitable for ship fresh water pipes and sea water pipes,pumps;pressure switch,electric control box and hydrophone are installed together.
It is compact and beautiful appearance.easy to install and maintain,and it is an ideal unit for water supply system.
Main technical requirements:
Model  ZYG Series
0.12 0.2 0.3 0.5 1 1.5 2
Volume(m3) 0.12 0.2 0.3 0.5 1 1.5 2
Working pressure(MPa) 0.4
Design pressure (MPa) 0.44
Test pressure (MPa) 0.66
Take-off pressure of safety valve(MPa) 0.42
Working temperature(℃) 0~45
Design temperature(℃) 50
Water pump Model 1.5CWX-1.5/1.5A 1.5CWX-2/2A 1.5CWX-3/3A
Flow rate(m3/h) 3 6.5 10
Pumping head (m) 40 40 40
Power(kW) 2.2 3 4
​You are hereHome >> Products >> Marine Auxiliary Machinery  >> Pressure Water Tank

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