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Marine Incinerators
Marine Incinerators ​​                                                                                                                                            Inquiry              
Standard:Marine Incinerators have been examined and tested in accordance with IMO Resolution MEPC76(40) “Standard Specification for Shipboard Incinerators”and Resolution MEPC.93(45) “Amendments to the Standard Specification for Shipboard Incinerators” referenced by Annex V&VI of MARPOL 73/78.
Application:To burn ship’s waste oil and solid waste.
Three options:
1)Incinerator for waste oil and solid waste
2)Incinerator for waste oil and sewage sludge
3)Multifunctional incinerator for waste oil,solid waste,sewage sludge
   Also Three options of sludge heating source, including electrical elements, steam coil or thermal coil.
Models INC-18 INC-50 INC-50A INC-80
  180,000 Kcal/H 500,000 Kcal/H 500,000 Kcal/H 800,000 Kcal/H
Marine Incinerators China Manufacturers
​You are here: Home >> Products >> Pollution-Prevention Equipmen >>Marine Incinerators

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