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15KN Handle Release Hook Supplier
15KN Handle Release Hook
Life Raft Release Hook or Resuce Boat Release Hook                                                                                           Inquiry
Operation Instruction:
1.hoist hanging hook:take out the pin,pull the hook,Iet Spring housing and handle get to "hook" position.hoist the life when hook locked.
2.hoist releasing hook:when hook is loaded,pull the handle of spring housing with pin to "releasa" position,When hook is nonleaded,handle of spring housing can auromatically reach the " releasingn hook" position,then the life raft releases the hook
Model  Release form Safe 
Test specification Test load for 
2.5 times 
Test load for 
6 times 
On the pitch Under the aperture
15KN Manual
15KN 15KN 37.5KN 90KN 32MM 25MM
21KN Automatic
21KN 25KN  62.5KN 150KN 32MM 27MM
23KN 23KN
31KN Manual & Automatic release 31KN 37KN 92.5KN 222KN 34KN 27MM
33KN 33KN
35KN 35KN
37KN 37KN
​You are here:Home >> Products  >> Marine Life Saving Equipment >> Life Raft Release Hook

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